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A brief overview of Robin's life, 2011

Robin Milford, A Composer Illuminated by his Songs, Peter Hunter, Animus, Dalton-in-Furness, 2009.

Robin's Life and Temperament, Peter Hunter, 2009

Five discussions by Peter Hunter : Robin's Early Solo Songs (2009 Revised 2013). . .Robin's Middle Period Songs 2009. . . Robin's Late Songs (2009 Revised 2013). . . Reflections on Robin and His Songs 2009. . . Robin in Context 2009

Robin Milford, Ian Copley, Thames, London, 1984, ISBN 0 905210 28 X.

Robin Milford - Paperback (18 July 2010) edited by Lambert M. Surhone, Miriam T. Timpledon, and Susan F. Marseken. Betascript Publishing is a print-on-demand version of material about Robin on Wikipedia, and is unlikely to contain new scholarship to my mind.

Charles Pettit has written an appreciation of Composers of the works of Hardy which refers to Robin. Volume 1and 2


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Robin Milford by Ian Copley

On finding some lost music . . . Wikipedia article also in Spanish . . . Rachel Bowers article . . . 2002 centenary article

English Music Festival . . . British Music Information Centre (Search for Milford) . . . Peterborough and District Organists' Association

Milford was organist at Butcombe Parish Church (right) from 1948 - 1955 and wrote the Seven Seasonable Sketches and other organ works there. The organ is shown on the list of works.

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Campaign for the Traditional Cathedral Choir

The Friends of Cathedral Music : Royal School of Church Music

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