Payment Policy

You can download a copy if this music for your own study free of charge, to get the idea of it. If you make use of it, then please send us a donation.


I want to lift Robin's music out of obscurity and make it easily available. Offering a free download of sheet music that has been languishing in a dark cupboard or library vault for many years seems fair to me. However, some music publishers maintain that by offering a free download, I am undermining their business. To help them with this, I will pass on your donations to those who have Robin's music in print now, namely Animus . . . Banks Music Publications . . .Cathedral Music. . . Forsyth. . . Lengnick. . . Novello. . . OUP and Thames Music. I will not keep anything you send to me. Hopefully that will prove acceptable!

PS Please try and buy something from these publishers from time to time. They have promoted Robin in the dark times. There must be something in their catalogue that you want.