Casssette DeckPlease submit a recording that will encourage others to play the music. Thanks!

Rec 1. Midwinter, No. 8 of The Passing Year, or Rain Wind and Sunshine, Epsom Choral Society, December 2009. The society was founded in 1922 by Sir Humphrey Milford in order to give Robin experience as a conductor in the Leith Hill Musical Festival. David Pennant

Rec 2. Here is my Winter Sketches, using a microphone on top of the piano, feeding into a cassette deck recording onto tape, feeding in turn into Audacity recording on the computer, all in one go. The only editing I allowed myself was Noise Removal, to cut out most of the background roar. Fun. 1. Procession . 2. The Dancer . 3 Winter Landscape . 4 Carol

Rec 3. Marion Milford gave me an LP made by Snellgrove of Oxford of a 'Copy of Customer's own tape' of Christopher Finzi and the Newbury Players playing the Elegy on the Death of the Duke of Monmouth at the Ramsbury Music Festival in 1962. Spoken introduction LP2 . . . and music (6.3 meg) LP2

Rec 4. Here are my attempts at the Diversions for Piano: No. 1 Rec4 . . . No. 2 Rec4 . . . No 3 Rec4 . . . No 4 Rec4 . . . No 5 Rec4. . The pieces were written in July and August 1938: my parents were married on August 6th 1938. The pieces are headed as follows: "We put up at the Angel inn, and passed the evening by ourselves in easy and familiar conversation. Talking of constitutional melancholy, he observed, 'A man so affected, sir, must divert distressing thoughts, and not combat with them'." (From Boswell's Life of Johnson). Note. - These five pieces may be played as a suite, or separately. The first perfomance was given by Howard Ferguson in Newbury at a concert of works by local composers on November 7th 1938. R.H.M.

I find Milford's metronome markings in the Diversions too fast, personally. See Metronome questions

I have no illusions about my recordings: I simply offer them as being better than no recording at all. If you can produce something more worthy, I shall be only too delighted to retire mine!

Rec 5. Sir Nicholas' Caper by yours truly, on Youtube. video