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the trustees

Peter Hunter,

David Pennant,

Ben Ridler

Our Business Adviser is

Stewart Thompson,

Auriol Milford remains as an honorary life member. 

making an application

The trust has limited funds topped up quarterly by royalties, especially from the Performing Rights Society. 

Recent grants made have included the recording of CDs, assistance with staging concerts and publication of sheet music. In 2017 we funded the Milford Weekend at Oxford. 

We can also advertise events through our social media contacts and partners and provide contacts who may be able to assist with staging concerts etc. Most important of all is we are here to help in all endeavours that try to encourage the study and performance of Robins music.

Please contact any of the trustees in the first instance to discuss your ideas.

website enquiries

Please contact David Pennant. 

Photo: Robin Kirstie and Peggy
Photo: Robin, Kirstie and Peggy
Photo: Kirstie and Robin Milford c.1951
Photo: Kirstie and Robin Milford c.1951