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Robin on the rightWorks by Robin Milford

Round brackets (...) show original publisher first, and subsequent publishers afterwards, linked if in print. See Animus . . . Banks Music Publications . . .Cathedral Music. . . Forsyth. . . Lengnick. . . Novello . . . OUP . . . Peters. . . Thames Music.

Square brackets [...] show where a copy is available as follows: Bod = Bodleian Library (9 titles), WCL = Westminster Central Library (14 titles), RUL = Reading University Library (21 titles), BMIC = British Music Information Centre (44 titles), moving to www.soundandmusic.org, PP = Pyers Pennant, AM = Auriol MIlford, PH = Peter Hunter & DP = David Pennant, trustees. Please enquire.

* = published in A Book of Songs (Thames Music)

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CD gives details of recordings.


Solo Songs (54)

Three Songs of the Moors (1924) Animus Music, one of four volumes

(i) The Gipsy Girl (Banks) [DP, PP]

(ii) The Moor (OUP, Animus) [BMIC, PH, DP] CD1 CD10

(iii) Meg Merrilies (Banks) [DP]

The Fiddler of Dooney (1925) (Banks, Animus) [BMIC]

The Daffodils (Banks) [DP]

On His Mistress (1925) (OUP, Animus), [BMIC, AM, PH, DP]

The Taffeta Coat of Sovereign Price (Banks)

A book of Songs (OUP 1926) [AM]

Four Miniature Songs (1927) (OUP] [Bod, AM]

(i) The Brown Bowl

(ii) A Child's Grace

(iii) One Man Shall Mow My Meadow

(iv) Cock Robin's Courting

Old Age (1928) (OUP, Animus) [BMIC, PH, DP], CD1

Two Songs and an Interlude from Goldsmith Op. 15 (pre -1929) (OUP) [AM, DP]

(i) An Elegy on that Glory of her sex Mrs Mary Blaize

(ii) Interlude for Piano

(iii) An elegy on the death of a mad dog

Daybreak* (1930) (Thames Music, Animus) [BMIC, DP, PP], CD7

Whither O Whither, Soprano and Piano (1931) CD10

Variations on the Coventry Carol The Magnificat, Soprano and Piano (1931) CD10

The Night is Come, from a Prophet in the Land, Soprano and Piano (1933) CD10

Four songs with Piano Accompaniment (1933)

(i) So Sweet Love Seemed* (Thames Music, Novello 170180, Animus) [BMIC, RUL, DP, PP] CD5 CD7

(ii) Elegy (Novello, Animus) [BMIC, PH, DP, PP], CD7

(iii) Laus Deo (Banks, Novello) [DP, PP]

(iv) Love On My Heart* (Thames Music, Animus) [BMIC, DP, PP] , CD1 CD7 CD10 LP1

Cradle Song* (1935) (Thames Music, Animus), [DP, BMIC] CD1 CD7

Songs of the Open Op. 45 (Four songs for children, Novello 1936) [DP]

Four Seasonable Songs (1936) [BMIC, AM] CD7

(i) Spring. Reeds of Innocence (Lost)

(ii) Summer. Pleasure It Is (Thames), CD7

(iii) Autumn. Late Leaves (Thames) [DP]

(iv) Winter. This Endris Night* (Thames Music) [DP] CD7

Four Hardy Songs (1938) [RUL, AM, DP]

(i) To Sincerity (OUP, Animus) [PH]

(ii) The Colour* (Thames Music, Animus) [BMIC] CD5 CD7

(iii) If It's Ever Spring Again* (Thames Music, Animus) [BMIC, DP], CD5 CD6

(iv) Tolerance* (Thames Music, Animus) [BMIC, DP] CD7 , LP1

The Pink Frock* (1938) (Thames Music, Animus) [BMIC, DP]

I Will Not Let Thee Go (1939) (OUP, Animus) [BMIC, PH, WCL] CD1

In Tenebris (1940) (Animus) [PH]

(i) In Tenebris

(ii) Why Art Thou Silent?

(iii) Wessex Heights

It was a lover and his lass, Op. 60 (1940)

Two Songs, Op. 60 (1942-43)

(i) Spring goeth all in white – A Ballet (Banks) [DP]

(ii) Larks

Autumn and Spring, four part-songs, Op. 67 (1936-44) (OUP) [DP nos 3 & 4]First Symphony set of parts

Swan Songs (1948-51)  (Animus) [PH]

(i) Song of St. Mary the Virgin CD7

(ii) The Song of Simeon CD7

(iii) Idleness CD7

(iv) Christmas Day CD7

(v) In Cornwall CD7

(vi) Expectans Expectavi CD7

(vii) The Holy Table CD7

(viii) The Glance CD7

(ix) Sleep [DP] CD7

Aubade (1952)

When the Morning Riseth Red, for Soprano 1 and 2 (Novello) [DP]

Choral Works (76)

The Shoemaker (A Children's Christmas Opera) Op. 3 (1923) - Original (OUP) [PH, PP, Bod, RUL]

The Shoemaker - Separate songs (OUP, Banks ) [DP The Gracious Time]

Vertue, Op. 13, (1927) an opera

A Benedicite, Op. 19, (pre - 1929) (TTBB and SATB) (OUP, Banks) [DP]

A Prophet in the Land, an oratorio Op. 21, (1929) (OUP) [BMIC, WCL, PH, Bod, RUL, AM, DP, PP]

Psalm 23, Op. 22, (1929) (from A Prophet in the Land - SSA) (Banks) [Bod, DP]

Rain, Wind and Sunshine, Op. 24, (pre -1930) (Upper Voices) - Separate copies (OUP, Banks) [AM]

Rain, Wind and Sunshine (Upper Voices) Original edition (OUP) [PH, DP]

Midwinter (from A Prophet in the Land - SATB) (OUP, Banks) [Bod, DP, PP] ,

Three Songs for Unbroken Voices (OUP 1930, Banks), [DP], an arrangement of Three Songs for Baritone and Piano op 25

i. Integer Vitae

ii. Winter Nights

iii. O come quickly!

God Be In My Head, Op. 26, (1933) (SATB) (Novello, OUP, Cathedral Music CM 347, Banks) [DP]

Evening Cantata for Baritone solo, Chorus and Orchestra, Op. 28 (pre-1931) (OUP, St James Press) [AM, PP, BMIC]

Pilgrim's Progress - Oratorio, Op. 29, (1931) (OUP) [BMIC, WCL?, AM, PH, PP, Bod]

Four Heavenly Songs, Op. 30, (pre - 1932) (OUP) [BMIC, AM, DP, PP]

Mass for Five Voices (SSATB) (Cathedral Music CM 65) [DP] also known as A Mass for Christmas Morning (1945-47) [RUL] CD16

Two Short Cantatas for Women's voices, Op. 32, (1932) [RUL, AM, DP]

From No 1: Easter Morning (OUP, Banks) [BMIC, DP incl 1st violin]

No. 2: May in the Greenwood [BMIC]

Songs of Escape, Op. 38, (pre - 1935) (OUP, Cathedral Music CM 346, Banks) [BMIC, RUL, DP]

Lord Let Me Know My End (Tenor solo + SATB, No 4 from Songs Of Escape) (Cathedral Music CM 302, Banks, OUP) [DP]

Hear My Prayer (Solo bass + SATBdiv, from Songs of Escape) (Cathedral Music CM301)

Drake's Chair, Op. 39, for Baritone chorus and orchestra (OUP 1936) [BMIC, DP]

The Passing Year, Op. 43, (1935) (Rain, Wind and Sunshine - SATB) (Cathedral Music ref CM 205) [BMIC, DP 16 vocal scores, full score & parts, RUL] CD1

The Lord's Prayer, Op. 46, (1936) (2pt) (OUP, Banks) [DP]

Joy and Memory for children’s voices and piano, Op. 53 (1940-43), (OUP), [BMIC, DP]

Comfort Ye, Op. 62d, (1941) for treble voices

Te Deum, Op. 69, (1944) (Downe House Chapel)

Song of the Ship, Op. 69c, for unison voices and piano (1944)

Hear Me O God, Op. 59, (1941) (2pt) (Downe House, 1939 or 1941) (OUP, Banks) [DP]

A Mass for Children’s Voices, Op. 62, (1941-42) (OUP) [BMIC, AM, DP]

This Year - Next Year, Op. 66 , (1943-6) (Upper Voices) (OUP) [PH]

The Jackdaws Of Rheims Op. 72 (Ballet, 1945)

Litany To The Holy Spirit, Op. 86, (1947) (SATB) (Lengnick AL1150A) [DP]

Songs for Unbroken Voices (Banks)

Up To Those Bright and Gladsome Hills (TTBB) (Banks, OUP) [DP]

Te Deum Laudamus (Unison with Optional Descant) (Banks) [DP]

Two Songs (TBarT) (Banks)

Rutterkin (TTBB) (Banks)

Rutterkin (TBarB) (Banks)

Parson Hogg (TbarB) (Banks)

By The Waters Of Babylon (Tenor and Bass, Organ) (Banks) [RUL, DP]

Two Anthems (TTBB) (Banks)

Psalm 121 (4 solo voices, SATB) (1945) (Lengnick AL0573)

Personent Hodie (2pt) (Banks, OUP) [BMIC, DP]

It Was A lover And His Lass (SATB) (Banks) [DP]

Laus Deo (Unison) - original for solo voice and piano, see above (Banks) [BMIC]

In Youth Is Pleasure (Unison) (Banks, OUP) [DP]

A Hymn To God The Father (Solo treble, SATB) (Banks) [RUL: DP version for Tenor Solo and Chorus by OUP]

The Gipsy Girl (Unison) (Banks)

The Fiddler of Dooney (Unison) - original for solo voice/piano (OUP, Banks)

Seven Descant Carols (Banks) [BMIC]

Days and Moments Op. 99, (1951) (Solo voices, alto choir, strings) (Hinrichsen, Peters) [AM] CD7

The Daffodils (2pt) (Banks)

Fifteen Christmas Carols For Unbroken Voices (Banks) [DP, RUL]

Carol (SATB) (Banks)

Two Carols for choir and piano (1940)

The Birds That Sing On Autumn Eves (SATB) from The Passsing Year (OUP, Banks, Cathedral Music) [DP]

The Spring of the Year (Banks)

Ballet (SATB) (OUP, Banks) [DP]

April 1885 (SATB) from The Passing Year (OUP, Banks, Cathedral Music) [DP]

Summer Twilight

The Summer Stars Op. 102 (a masque, 1946-57)

The Scarlet Letter Op. 112 (1958) an opera

The Hour Strikes (incidental music for the play by Jean Rowntree) Op. 111 (1957-58)

Great Things (1945) for male voices

Days and Moments (1951) for male voices

March (SSA) (Banks)

The Hayloft (Banks)

There were three jolly Welshmen (Banks)

Cuckoo Song (Banks)

Leisure (Banks)

A Frosty Christmas Eve (Banks)

Lo Here are Shepherds (Banks)

There was an Inn (Banks)

Weathers (Unison) (Banks)

The Storm is Over (SATB) (Banks)

Two Songs for Voices and Organ (date uncertain)

Piano Works (18)

Three Sea Pictures Op. 1 (1924) (Forsyth) [PH, AM, DP]

A Fairy Revel in a Forest Op. 2 (for children) (pre - 1924) (Forsyth) [DP, AM, PH]

My Lady’s Pleasure – a suite Op. 9 (pre -1925) (Forsyth), CD7 republished as Three Dances, Op.9 [AM, DP]

Incidental Music to 'Peter, the Pied Piper' Op. 11, (pre - 1926) for Downe House (OUP) [PH,AM, PP, Bod]

Sir Nicholas' Caper (pre - 1928) (OUP) [AM, DP]

Three Christmas Pieces for Piano Duet Op. 16 (1927) (OUP) [RUL]

Two Easy Duets Op. 19d (pre-1930) (OUP) [PH, AM, DP]

Various Pieces for Piano Op. 22 Sets 1 and 2 (pre - 1930) (OUP Set 1 [AM, DP])

Jenifer’s Jingle Op. 25 (pre - 1930) (OUP) [AM, DP]Forsyth Volume of Piano Music - Concert Works

Prelude, Air and Finale on a well-known mordent Op. 41 (1935 Forsyth, OUP) [AM, DP] CD7

Reputation Square Op. 46 (1937) (OUP, Forsyth) [DP, AM, PP, RUL] CD7

Waltz op. 47B (1937) (Forsyth) [DP]

Diversions Op. 49 (1938) (OUP, Forsyth) [DP]

Little Joy Op. 53 (suite for piano) (1939-40)

Lullaby, Duet Op. 56 (1940) (OUP) [DP]

The Yellow Leaves (1945-47)

Sarabande and Fugato for two pianos (1948)

Selection Vol 2 (PF/PF - 4 hands) (Forsyth)

Winter Sketches (1948-49) (OUP) [PH, AM, DP]

Organ Works (22)

Two Choral Preludes Op. 14 (pre - 1928) (OUP, Animus)

Two Sea Preludes (1927) [WCL, RUL, DP] (Animus)

Mr Ben Jonson’s Pleasure Op. 19f (Ludgrove School, pre - 1930) (Animus)

What Pleasure Have Great Princes (1931) CD10

Three Pastorals Op. 58 (1941-2) (OUP) [PH] (Animus) CD2

Six Easter Meditations i Op. 64 (1943-44), ii Op. 65 (1944), iii iv Op. 71 (1945) v vi Op. 82 (1946) (OUP) [DP, BMIC 5 & 6] (Animus)

A Christmas Tune Op. 75 (1945 Cramer) [DP]

Prelude in the Manner of a Passacaglia Op. 79  (1946) (Hinrichsen) [PH] , CD1 CD2

Two Harvest Meditations ii Op 85 (1947 OUP) [DP, RUL] (Animus) Butcombe Parish Church organ, which Milford played

Seven Seasonal Sketches (1956-57 Novello), [DP] CD1

Seven Seasonable Sketches Op. 110 (Novello) CD2

Prelude on ‘O Filii et Filliae’ Op. 114 (1959) [DP] (Animus)

Four Chorale Preludes Op. 114 (1959)

(i) Veni Emmanuel

(ii) In Dulci Jubilo

(iii) Forty Days and Forty Nights

(iv) O Sacred Head

Chorale Prelude on 'Rockingham' Op. 114 (1959) (OUP, Animus)

Chorale Prelude on 'Hanover' (OUP)

Come, All You Worthy Gentlemen (Novello NOV010164, Music Sales HL14006715) CD2

In Dulci Jubilo (Novello)

Three Christmas Pieces (OUP, Cathedral Music) [DP] CD2

Two Short Pieces (OUP) [PH, DP] (Animus)

Seven Simple Pieces (OUP) [PH, DP] (Animus) CD2

Chorale Prelude on St Columba (OUP) [PH, DP](Animus) CD2 CD10

Adagio for Organ (from Miniature String Quartet in G) [DP] (Animus)

Pastoral Dance on On Christmas Night CD8

The Night is Come, arranged by Reginald Pocock [DP]

Orchestral/Instrumental (36)

Suite for Chamber Orchestra Op. 5 (pre - 1925) (OUP, RMT) [BMIC, DP] CD2

Suite for Oboe and Strings Op. 8 (pre - 1924) (OUP, Emerson) [BMIC both score and piano acct version, PH, Bod: DP full score] , CD2 , LP1 , CD13

Double Fugue for orchestra Op. 10, (1926) (Stainer and Bell) [British Library, BMIC]

The Darkling Thrush Op. 17 (1928) (Violin and Orchestra) (OUP, RMT) [Bod, BMIC, DP and PH Violin and piano score] CD1

Go Little Book for Flute and Strings (with optional Soprano voice) Op. 18 (1928) (OUP, RMT) [DP] CD2 CD3

Mr Ben Jonson’s Pleasure Op. 19f (Ludgrove School, pre - 1930) (OUP, RMT) CD3

Mr John Peel Passes By (RMT). CD3

Concertino for Harpsichord and String Orchestra Op. 20 (pre - 1930) Festival Suite opening (Bodleian Library)

Pastoral Fantasy for violin and small orchestra Op. 23 (1930) (RMT).

Prelude and Fugue for solo piano and string orchestra and timpani Op. 26 (1930)

Sir Walter's Overture Op. 27 (pre - 1930) (OUP, RMT) [RUL, DP]

Symphony No. 1 (unknown date)

First Symphony Op. 34 (1933) (RMT)

Concerto Grosso Op. 46 (1936)

Concerto for Violin and Orchestra Op. 47 (1937) (RMT) CD16

Elegy for James Scott for string orchestra Op. 50 (1939) [BMIC] CD3 LP1

The Forsaken Merman Op. 51 (Ludgrove School, 1938-1951)

Ariel – Prelude Op. 54 (for small orchestra, 1940)

Two Pieces for Cello and Orchestra Op. 70 (1945-46)

Incidental Music to ‘The Mask’ Op. 80 (a play for radio by Anne Ridler, broadcast 1946)

Miniature String Quartet (or Miniature Concerto for String Orchestra) Op. 35 (OUP, RMT) [PH, DP] CD3

Elegy for String Orchestra  (OUP) [RUL - Hire only]

Elegiac Meditation for viola and orchestra Op. 83 (1946-47) (OUP) [BMIC, RUL] CD3 CD10 ( LP1 has it for Oboe I think)

Badminton Pavan Op. 88 (1947-48) (RMT)

Suite in D for bamboo pipes Op. 95 (1949) (Recorder Music Mail) CD11 video

Fishing By Moonlight for Piano/harpsichord and orchestra Op. 96 (1952) (Hinrichsen, RMT) [BMIC, RUL, DP] CD3 CD10 LP1 ,

Idyll - Under the Greenwood Tree (Violin and orchestra) (OUP) [Bod: PH & DP piano acc version see below]

Festival Suite for string orchestra Op. 97 (1950) (RMT) CD3 CD10

Incidental Music to ‘The Golden Bird’ (for three solo voices and orchestra) Op. 98 (1951) (a play for radio by Anne Ridler, broadcast 1951)

Overture for a Celebration Op. 103 (1952-4)

A Three Piece Suite for piano & string orchestra or piano quintet Op. 104 (1952)

Funeral Music to the memory of an old pupil (Lord Burlington) for string orchestra, organ and timps Op 68, (1944)

Concertino in E for piano and string orchestra Op. 106 (1955) CD4

Shakespearian Studies – Four pieces for orchestra Op. 108 (1956)

Rhapsody in A Minor for solo violin and string orchestra Op. 113 (1959)

Elegy on the Death of the Duke of Monmouth (see Rec 3 of Recordings for details)

Chamber Music (11)

Miniature String Quartet in A Op. 6 (unknown date)

Phantasy Quintet for clarinet and string quartet Op. 33 (1933) (Queens Temple Publications ISBN10 - 979-0-708015-56-7) CD4

Miniature String Quartet in G or Miniature Concerto in G for String Orchestra Op. 35 (1933) (OUP, RMT) [DP score and parts available] CD3

Sonata in C for Flute and Piano Op. 69 (1944) [BMIC] of which part was arranged for Flute and Strings, Op. 69a CD3

String Quartet in F Minor Op. 62 (1943)

Fantasia in B Minor for string quartet Op. 74 (1945) (OUP, RMT) [BMIC, DP] CD12

Sonata in D for violin and piano (1945) (RMT)

Trio in F Major for clarinet, cello and piano Op. 87 (1948) (RMT) CD4

Prelude for violin, cello and piano Op. 92 (1948) (RMT) CD12 CD4

Trio in E Minor for two violins and piano Op. 93 (1948-49)

Three Piece Suite for piano & string orchestra or piano quintet Op. 104 (1952)

Solo Instrument and Piano (12)

The Darkling Thrush for violin Op. 17 (1928) (OUP, RMT) [PH, DP] see above under orchestral Lyrical Movement for Clarinet and Piano

Four Pieces for Viola and Piano Op. 42 (1935) (OUP, RMT) [DP Air] CD15

Idyll - Under the Greenwood Tree for violin Op. 57 (1941) (Augener, OUP) [PH, DP] CD4

Sonata for flute Op. 69 (Augener, Thames)

Sonata in D for Violin Op. 77 (1945) CD4

Threne for cello Op. 81 (1946-7) (Curwen, OUP, RMT) [BMIC, PH] CD1 CD4

Lyrical Movement for clarinet and piano Op. 89 (1948) (OUP, Thames Music ) [BMIC, Bod, DP] CD4

Sonata for clarinet  (Thames)Three Airs (OUP)

Suite in C for flute and piano Op. 104 (1952, Thames Music) [DP]

Sonatina in F for treble recorder and piano Op. 107 (1956) (OUP, Recorder Music Mail), see also The Recorder Magazine REMP117 click here) [DP, RUL] Selected for ABRSM Grade 8 Treble Recorder CD12

Three Airs Op. 109 (1956) (Recorder/Flute and piano) (OUP, Recorder Music Mail, see also Music Through Time Flute Book 3 Ed Paul Harris & Sally Adams) [RUL, DP] CD1 CD12

Christmas Pastoral Op. 111 (1957) (Recorder and piano)  (OUP in Music Through Time Flute Book 2 Ed Paul Harris & Sally Adams) [DP] CD1 CD12