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The trust has limited funds to encourage promote and assist the publication performance and recording of the music of Robin Milford.

Grants made have included the recording of CD Love on My Heart, and the CD ...recollected in tranquility. Proceeds from the sale of these two discs go to the trust. In 2009 we made a grant for another forthcoming CD, and gave a small sum to the Epsom Choral Society who performed Robin's Carol in their Christmas Concert. In 2010, we assisted the publication of songs by Animus.

Please contact the trustees with your idea. Thank you for your interest in Robin Milford.

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Photo: Robin Kirstie and Peggy
Photo: Robin, Kirstie and Peggy
Photo: Kirstie and Robin Milford c.1951
Photo: Kirstie and Robin Milford c.1951